About Virosol

I'm Sophie Westlake, wife and mother from Moss Vale in New South Wales and I am the creator of Virosol. 

So why Virosol? 

My husband Steve has Myasthenia Gravis (MG) – which is similar to Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – and has had several lymph nodes removed from his chest. This has left him with a compromised immune system. 

It's important that Steve manages his physicality, and obviously he's prone to infections a lot more than everybody else, so we took the pandemic very seriously.

We isolated quickly with our four children - Emilie-Rose, 15, Ethan, 13, Winter, nine, and Sunday, two. Attending daycare Sunday in particular brought home illnesses from day care quite regularly. 

Whilst in lockdown, I tried to call every disinfectant supplier to find out if their products could protect her husband and family. Unfortunately, nothing existed so using my background in Science we started developing a non alcohol based disinfectant that could kill Covid-19. 

It's taken six months working "tirelessly" with an international laboratory called Eurofins AMS to ensure Virosol+ killed COVID-19.

We really wanted to make sure it was affordable to any Australian that decides they want to provide another line of defence for their families, for their customers, for their workplace. 

COVID isn't going to go away, and the fact that we have this product made available, it can be used not just now for killing COVID but in the future as another life of defence against germs.